Production Machines

Machines for production glass-covered microwires

The metallic nucleus of microwire can be produced from:

  • Pure metal: Ag, Au, Cu, Ni, Pt …
  • Resistive Cu-Ni-Si-Mn, Ni-Cr-Si … composition alloys
  • Magnetic amorphous Fe-B-Si, Co-Fe-B-Si, Co-Mn-B-Si …
  • Composition alloys with:
    • Natural Ferromagnetic Resonance (up to 8 GHz)
    • Magnetic Bistable Behavior
    • High Permeability at Frequencies up to 30 MHz
    • GMI

The following metallic nucleus diameters can be obtained for:

Cu, Ag, Au5 – 40 µm
Ni, Pt3 – 20 µm
Cu-based alloys2 – 25 µm
Ni-based alloys1 – 20 µm
Fe-B-Si based1 – 20 µm
Co-Mn-B-Si based3 – 25 µm
Co-Fe-B-Si based3 – 25 µm

Technical characteristics:

The Installation is joined to three-phase 380 V power voltage of frequency 50 Hz. Microwire cooling liquid either water or oil. The Installation needs in cooling water. Consumption – not less then 10 l/min. Power supply is 10 kV×A. The HF power supply provides oscillating power 8 kV×A of frequency 440 kHz. The rate of microwire casting up to 500 m/min. The length of unbroken not less than 500 m.

Overall dimensions:

casting modulus670 x 670 x 1800 mm
HF power source520 x 670 x 1800 mm

Machines mass:

casting modulus350 kg
HF power source300 kg

Fabrication of Glass Coated Microwires.