About us

Scientific and technological research:

  • Development of methods of manufacturing microwire from different metals and alloys.
  • Design of equipment for microwire production.
  • Design of equipment for production of industrial goods in which microwire is used.
  • Investigation of the physical (especially magnetic) properties of microwire.
  • Investigation of the microwave properties of microwire (high frequency absorption).
  • Investigation of the microwire magnetic bistable behavior.
  • Investigation of the high frequency (up to 30 MHz) magnetic properties of microwire.
  • Investigation of the Giant Magnetic Impedance effect in microwire.

Current projects:

  • University-Company projects.
  • FP7: “EM safety and Hazards Mitigation by proper EV design”.
  • Manunet (Era-net): project “DEVMAGMIWIRTEC” on magnetic sensor for identification development.
  • Manunet (Era-net): Development of soft Magnetic Microwires with GMI effect for Micro-Sensors (SoMaMicSens).

Intellectual property:

  • ”Glass-coated amorphous microwires as the element of magnetic sensors based on magnetic bistability and GMI effect and material for the radiation protection” 02-10-2002 Applicant(s) Tamag Iberica SL  Patent No P200202248
  • A. Zhukov, V. Zhukova, J. González, V. S. Larin y A.V. Torcunov “Ultra-fine glass-coated microwires with GMi effect at elevated frequencies”. PCT – USA

Main Activity

  • Development and commercialization of magnetic microwires worldwide.
  • Prototypes of magnetic devices.
  • Participate in national and International projects.
  • Gain intellectual property and cooperate in R&D related projects with other companies.

Contact us

Mikeletegi Pasealekua, 56, 20009. Donostia, Gipuzkoa

Phone / Email
+34 619 16 39 30 / tamagiberica.sl@gmail.com

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