Quality microwires

Our company is focus on producing different types of microwires.

Welcome to the Official web site of
Scientific-Industrial Company Tamag Iberica

In our company we produce magnetic microwires coated by glass, develop new magnetic microwires as well as special post-processing for optimization of their magnetic properties, develop new applications from magnetic microwires.

Our values

Innovation through the best technologies and people
Trust through total commitment to our customers
Flexibility through investments in R&D and continuous improvement of our technology to adapt to today’s continuously changing environments. 
Customer satisfaction through a market oriented prospective, with adapted products to our customers’ needs and wishes.


we focus on developing quality microwires with innovative methods and researching their applications and properties, with the purpose of satisfying the needs of our customers worldwide.

Our company, our people.

Our development as a company it’s a consequence of hard-work and initiative from highly qualified entrepreneurs. Therefore, the most important value of our company it’s our people.