Areas of Application

Electronic industry:

  • Microtransformers.
  • Shielding of high frequency.
  • Magnetic sensors of magnetic field.

Protection of the environment to high frequency (mobile phone):

  • Mobile phone industry.
  • Health and environment institutions (Personnel in the airports).

Car and Aeronautic industry:

  • Security and productivity of cables of high frequency.
  • Heaters of windshield of cars and airships.
  • Sensors of rotation of the motors, effectiveness of the brakes.

Magnetic codification:

  • SUPERMARKETS: labelled for products.
  • TEXTILE: to introduce microwires in the labels to identify original products: the fraud or black market fights.
  • LIBRARIES/VIDEOCLUBS: control of products.
  • AIRPORTS: identification of people and baggage.
  • SECURITY: magnetic keys, anticreep sensors.

Poducing microwires.